Shooting Events & Class Info

Center Fire Rifle:

We shoot many different types of matches. One of the hottest matches is the service rifle match.

You must use M1 Garand, an M1A1(semi-auto of the M-14), or an AR-15 (semi-auto of the M-16)

The ranges are 600,300,200, and 100 yards OPEN SIGHTS!

Due to our range restrictions, we use the reduced targets simulating the long ranges.

The rules are the standard NRA Service rifle or the John Garand Match rules.

The other primary match is the precision match. This could be straight benchrest or a tactical sniper type match shooting at standard chicken eggs at 300yards!

22 Rim Fire:

  • NRA 22 prone: Shoot from the prone position from 50 Yards or Meters depending upon the match.
  • BR-50: Shoot on the indoor range from 50 yards from a bench rest. One shot per target.


  • Practical Pistol: This is an offshoot of the IDPA shooting sport. You are scored on accuracy, time, cover, concealment, safety, and procedures. You must have a securing holster for this event.


  • Trap and Skeet: Open or non-league Wed. Nights and Sunday afternoons.
  • Jr-Trap: We sponsor the 4H kids, who always do VERY WELL.
  • Sporting Clays
  • Five Station: A miniature version of the Sporting Clays.

Hunters Education:

Please check 4RSC Calendar for upcoming classes.

Concealed Carry Classes:

Concealed Carry Classes are held at the Four Rivers Sportsman’s Club however, let it be known this class is provided by a private contractor who rents our indoor range for the class.

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