Section 1. The annual General Membership meeting of the Four Rivers Sportsman’s Club shall be held in November, on the date set in the annual calendar of events, weather permitting. The date may be changed if it can be published in the newsletter at least sixty (60) days before the original scheduled date. Weather makeup will be announced in the newsletter or by a special mailing.

Section 2.

The President or a majority of the Board of Directors, or not less than one-fifth of the regular members may call special meetings of the General Membership at any time. Notice will be published in the club newsletter of the month immediately preceding the meeting by a minimum often days and not more than sixty (60) days. A copy of the agenda and or ballot will be included with the newsletter for the special or general membership

Section 3. General Members attending the meeting shall constitute a quorum regardless of their number.

Section 4. Board Members shall be elected at the Annual General Membership meeting. All Board of Directors positions will be voted upon by ballots sent to the entire General membership one month prior to the General Membership Meeting. In the instance of a vacancy at the General Membership Meeting, a ballot will be sent out and another General Membership Meeting will be held the following month with a minimum of ten (10) days and not more than sixty (60) days’ notice. Any member may execute a written proxy and ballot to another member to vote the member ballot.

Section 5. Membership Lists. The Secretary shall make, at least two business days after notice is given of the meeting of members, and a complete record of the members entitled to vote at such meeting, arranged in alphabetical order with the address of each member and the number of votes each member is entitled to vote. The list shall be kept on file at the registered office of the corporation and shall be subject to inspection by any member at any time during usual business hours. Such record, or duplicate, will be kept open at the time and place of the general membership meeting and shall be subject to the inspection of any member during the whole time of the meeting.



Section 1. Management of this corporation shall be vested in a Board of Directors consisting of eighteen (18) directors.

A. The Board of directors shall be elected by the regular members of the Corporation and shall hold office for three (3) years and until their respective successors are elected and shall have qualified.

B. Directors are elected at large from the general membership. 

C. In case of vacancy among the Board of Directors for any reason, the remaining directors, by a vote of majority thereof, shall elect a successor to hold office for the unexpired portion of the fiscal year, unless the vacancy occurs during a general membership meeting, in which case the members shall elect a successor, with a ballot as described in Article 1, Section 4a.

D. Directors shall be committee chairman or sub-chairman to remain in good standing.

E. Any director found not to be in good standing shall be automatically dismissed from the Board without further action.

F. Board of Directors membership dues will be waived.

Section 2. The Board of Directors shall meet at least once a month, normally on first Monday of the month.

A. Meeting dates may be changed by Board resolution.

B. Deviations from the normal schedule shall be published in the newsletter of the preceding month.

C. Any Board member missing three (3) consecutive meetings without cause shall automatically be terminated as a board member.

Section 3. A simple majority of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum for transacting business.

Section 4. Special meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held at the call of the President or at the request of a majority of the members of the Board. Special meetings shall be held on not less than 24 hours verbal or written notice.

Section 5. The directors of the corporation may at any time by a majority vote, ask for, demand, receive, and accept the resignation of any director of this corporation, and upon his or her refusal to tender such resignation, the majority of said Board of Directors may dismiss him or her from office, declare said office vacant and elect his or her successor.



Section 1. The Officers of the corporation shall be elected by the Board of Directors from its members at a special Board Meeting held at the conclusion of the annual membership meeting. Offices are held for the term of one (1) year to coincide with the fiscal year of the corporation and until their respective successors are elected. A Board member in a fiscal year may hold only one office.

Section 2. The President shall be the Chairman of Board of this corporation. It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the corporation and of the Board of Directors and to perform such other duties as ordinarily pertain to his or her office.

Section 3. The Vice-President shall, in absence of the President, perform the duties as President, and the Board of Directors or the President shall assign such further duties as needed.

Section 4. The Secretary shall have an accurate record in permanent form of all business transactions and shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed from time to time by the Board of Directors or the President. The Secretary will see that the club newsletter is published.

Section 5.  The Treasurer shall be entitled to receive all money owed the corporation; he or she shall deposit such money in a timely manner; he or she shall annually account for the same to the General Membership, and monthly to the Board of Directors.  The outgoing Treasurer shall train his or her replacement.

Section 6. The duties of all other offices and agents shall be such as determined by the Board of Directors.

Section 7. The Directors of the corporation may at any time by a  majority vote ask for, demand, receive, and accept the resignation of any officer or employee of this corporation, and upon his or her refusal to tender such resignation, the majority of said Board of Directors may dismiss him or her from said position.

Section 8. If any vacancy occurs during the year, in any one or more of the above offices, for any reason, the Board of Directors at any regular or special meeting may elect a successor or successors, who shall hold office for the un-expired term in respect of which such vacancy occurred.



Section 1. The fiscal year of the corporation shall begin on the first day of January and end on the thirty-first of December of each year.

Section 2. All funds of the corporation shall be deposited by the Treasurer, or upon his or her order, in the name of the corporation, in such banks as may be designated by the Board of Directors.

Section 3. All disbursements shall be by check, signed and countersigned by two officers of the Club.

Section 4. The Treasurer shall prepare and submit a financial report monthly to the Board of Directors and annually at the general membership meeting

Section 5. Any expenditure over $5,000 for a single item, to exclude maintenance and emergency repairs, will be approved by the general membership with a ballot included with the newsletter regarding said expenditure.



These Bylaws may be altered, amended, or repealed with a ballot sent to the entire general membership, with a minimum of ten (10) days and not more than sixty (60) days’ notice, prior to any such regular or special meeting of the members called for that purpose, by a majority vote of the total authorized vote there at. The changes will be annotated with the date the changes are made. These Bylaws may not be suspended.



Whenever any notice is required to be given to any member or director of the of the corporation under the provisions of the Articles of Incorporation, these Bylaws or the Nebraska Business Corporation Act, a waiver thereof in writing, signed by the person or persons entitled to such notice, whether before or after the time stated therein, shall be equivalent to the giving of such notice.



To the extent permitted by law, the corporation shall have the power to purchase and maintain insurance on behalf of any person who is or was a director or officer of the corporation against any liability asserted against him or her and incurred in such capacity or arising out of his or her status as such, whether or not the corporation would have the power to indemnify him or her against such liability.



No member, director or officer shall receive any of the net earnings or pecuniary profit from the operations of the corporation, however this provision shall not prevent the payment to any such person   of such reasonable compensation for service rendered to or for the corporation or reimbursement for money advanced for the corporation in effecting any of its purposes as shall be fixed by the Board of Directors.



Section 1. The purpose of the corporation shall be the education and training of adult and youth in safety, handling, shooting and care of firearms, education and training of adults and youth in hunting, fishing and pursuing recreational shooting activities.



Section 1. Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern all proceedings of the corporation and all meetings of its board and committees, except as otherwise provided by applicable State Law or by-laws.



Section 1. The board of directors shall set annual membership dues. New members will pay an additional first year fee of $60.00 added to the yearly dues, new applicants will complete the membership application in its entirety. The membership year is January 1st thru December 31st. First time applicants may have their annual dues pro-rated after July 1st to one/half the annual dues, the fee of $60.00 remains is effect. A member, who allows his/her membership to lapse, may catch it up with payment of the previous year’s dues and the current year’s dues if paid by April 1st. After that time the previous member will need to reapply as a new applicant and the $60.00 fee will apply. All applicants will attend a safety briefing and be presented to the Board of Directors before being admitted to the Club.

Section 2. Membership in this corporation shall be as follows:

A. Full memberships will include spouse and dependent children living at home, with one vote per primary member on annual or special ballots.

B. Members must be at least 21 years of age.

C. Members must present a valid Nebraska Handgun purchase Certificate with a club membership application or provide a background check that would qualify for a Nebraska Handgun purchase Certificate. All members must submit a copy of a valid Nebraska Handgun purchase Certificate or provide a valid back ground check that would qualify for a Nebraska Handgun purchase Certificate with payment of annual club dues. Life members must provide a valid Nebraska Handgun purchase Certificate or provide a valid back ground check that would qualify for a Nebraska Handgun purchase Certificate annually in the month of December.

D. All Board members shall be eligible to hold office and vote at all meetings.

E. All members may vote by ballots, except Law Enforcement Members.

F. All members will have access to the outdoor and indoor ranges.

G. Law Enforcement membership may be offered to Law Enforcement Agencies. The fees will be the current yearly dues and $10.00 per officer. Law Enforcement Memberships do not have voting privileges and the membership is for the officer only.

H. Life membership is available to members in good standing over forty (40) years of age at a rate 12.5 times the current annual dues. Life memberships will have full voting privileges.

I. The Board of Directors may bestow honorary Life Membership upon current members for sustained service.

J. Current (Dec 4, 2017) and Future Board of Directors members with 12.5 years of continuous service will be awarded a life membership.

Section 3. Members must pay all dues and assessments and be in good standing to enjoy membership privileges.

Section 4. Any member, regardless of membership status, who by his or her conduct violates the published operating rules of the corporation may be expelled from membership by two-thirds vote   of the Board of Directors at a regular board meeting, provided the accused has been given at least 24 hours’ notice of proposed action, and is given an opportunity to be heard by the board.

Section 5. Any member whose connection with this corporation shall be severed by resignation, death, expulsion, or otherwise, shall forfeit all interest in any funds or property belonging to thiscorporation.



The President may appoint temporary committees as needed to deal with issues requiring committee action, including but not limited to the following areas: elections, nominations, building and grounds, trap & skeet ranges, pistol and rifle matches, hunter education, gun show, special projects and public relations.



Section 1. Accidents or Injuries.

Four Rivers Sportsman’s Club, Inc., Assumes no liability for any injury to any person or damage to property of members or guests while using the facilities of Four Rivers Sportsman’s Club, Inc.

Section 2. Use of alcohol or drugs.

Use of alcohol or drugs is prohibited on all ranges during any shooting activity. No one who has been drinking will be allowed to shoot. Drugs other than non-prescription, over-the-counter or those prescribed by a doctor are prohibited. Anyone who is under the care of a doctor and is taking medication is cautioned to follow all instructions with the medication.

Section 3. Children/Youth.

No one under the age of 18 shall be permitted to use any gun without constant, direct adult member supervision. All laws relating to possessions of firearms by minors must be observed. No one under the age of 18 shall be permitted access to club facilities without adult member supervision.

Section 4. Commercial use of the ranges or facilities.

No commercial use of the ranges for testing ammunition or other commercial use of the ranges or the facilities shall be permitted without specific approval of the Board of Directors.

Section 5. Activities on club grounds.

Target shooting is the primary use of club facilities. The following are secondary uses, permitted as long as they do not interfere with the primary use.

A. Hunting on the club grounds.

Hunting during established seasons is permitted on the club grounds. Only shotguns or bow and arrow are permitted. Hunting may not interfere with other member’s use of the ranges or facilities.

B. Dogs or pets.

Dogs or pets are not allowed in the clubhouse. They must not be allowed to run free on the club grounds. Dog training is allowed on the grounds, but shall not interfere with scheduled activities or other member’s use of the range(s).

Section 6. Guests.

Members who are twenty-one (21) years of age, or older, may bring guests, but anyone who resides within fifty (50) miles of the club may be a guest only two (2) times each calendar year. If application for membership has been made, a person may be permitted guest privileges (while with a member)    until the membership application has been acted upon. Anyone who has been refused membership or has been expelled from the club shall not be permitted guest status. Members who bring guests are responsible for the guest’s actions. Participation in events open to the public, shall not count toward the two time limit for guests.

Section 7. Illegal, activities or weapons.

Anyone who performs illegal activities or uses or possesses illegal weapons by definition of local, state or federal laws, on the club grounds may be expelled from the club.

Section 8. News media/publicity.

No one is permitted to use the facilities for purposes of a news story. No one is authorized to make statements to the media on behalf of Four Rivers Sportsman’s Club, Inc. without specific authorization of the board or two of the officers.

Section 9. Organized events open to the public.

Organized or approved events such as trap or skeet shoots, sporting clay shoots, pistol matches,  silhouette matches, hunter education classes, CCW classes and any other event of a similar nature may be open to the public, without the requirement of membership. These events are published in the annual calendar and monthly newsletter may require the closing of ranges or facilities for individual membership use.

Section 10. Personal protection.

It is recommended that all persons shooting utilize eye and ear protection. Because of the toxicity of lead, it is recommended that no one smoke, eat or drink while shooting, or until they wash their hands with soapy water. It is possible that the lead level in the indoor range may exceed the level considered non-hazardous, if appropriate precautions are not followed. If you have ever had a high lead level in your blood, you are strongly advised not to use the indoor range. During use of the range, turn on the vent fan, and open the windows. When you are done shooting, close the windows and shut off the fan.

Section 11. Range rules.

A. Posted range rules must be observed.

B. Glass targets are prohibited on all ranges.

C. Intentionally firing a bullet off club grounds or, permitting through carelessness, bullets to leave the club grounds shall be cause for expulsion.

D. Know and obey all range commands.

E. Know where others are at all times.

F. Shoot only at authorized targets. Authorized targets are paper targets or other targets that will not create a ricochet hazard. Targets must be placed or mounted upon proper wooden target frames and inserted within the fixed target stands. Targets must be placed within the target window, which will permit the bullets to go into an earthen backstop. Glass of any type, pressurized containers or metallic targets not provided by the club are not permitted. No targets of any type may be placed on the ground or earthen berms at any time.

G. Ground level targets are not authorized without a proper backstop. Silhouette targets, when used according to silhouette rules will be the only exception. Maintain the proper height to ensure that the fired projectile, after passing through the target, hits the desired portion of the backstop. This will reduce the possibility of ricochets and projectiles escaping the range.

H. During organized shooting events, a range officer must be designated otherwise; the committee chairman will act as the range officer.

I. Unload, open the action, remove the magazine and ground and/or bench all firearms during a ceasefire,

J. Do not handle any firearm while others are down range.

K. Always keep the muzzle pointed downrange. Never allow the muzzle to point in any direction but downrange.

L. Do not go forward of the firing line unless a ceasefire is called and the range is declared safe.

M. Conduct no live firing activities closer than ten (10) yards from a backstop. (Not closer than fifty (50) feet from an indoor backstop) exceptions to this rule may apply for organized events.

N. Each user is required to clean up his/her area after completing firing.

O. All firing must be done from established firing lines or points. No firing across lanes.

P. Only those firearms for which the range was designed are allowed.

1. Only rifle and pistol calibers that are approved by the Board of Directors may be used on the outdoor ranges. Refer to the signage that is posted on the range.

2. Only pistol calibers that are approved by the Board of Directors may be used on the indoor range. Refer to signage that is posted on the range.

3. Centerfire Rifle calibers may not be used on the indoor range regardless of barrel length

4. Black powder or black powder substitute firearms may not be used on the indoor range.

Section 12. Rules for shoots and organized club events.

Rules distributed, posted, or issued verbally by the person (s) in charge of the shoot will be observed. These rules take precedence over any and all club rules except those concerning safety and discipline. Rules published by The National Skeet Assn., The National Sporting Clays Assn., The ATA, The NRA and other shooting organizations may be used as adopted by the event chairman or committee.

Section 13. Safety.

Anyone who disregards safety rules shall be asked to leave the grounds, and shall be subject to discipline by the board of directors.

Section 14. Use of the club facilities, property or equipment.

Members may use the ranges and other facilities as their membership allows. Organized events may prevent use of ranges or facilities, check your calendar. Some events may not be listed on the calendar, but an attempt will be made to list events in the newsletter and to post notice at the club grounds. Traps, mowers and other equipment are generally not available for individual use.  Committee chairmen are responsible for use of that equipment, under the direction of the board of directors. The board of directors, who may establish a fee for such use, and may require a deposit, a rental agreement and proof of insurance, must approve private use of the facility for a group. New rates for CCW     classes will be $100.00 minimum fee which includes four students, plus $25.00 for each additional student with a maximum fee of $250.00 per day. Any member requesting use of the facilities must present the date or dates required to the board of directors at the monthly board meeting for approval at least one month in advance. In the event such use is permitted, the member requesting such use will be responsible for any damage by anyone attending the event. The facility must be cleaned after the event. All instructors must be an NRA certified instructor to teach classes at Four Rivers Sportsman’s Club. All paid instructors must have their names listed on the Four Rivers Sportsman’s Club insurance policy, or provide a certificate of personal insurance that meets or exceeds the club’s active insurance policy. All money received for these classes must go through the club treasurer.

Section 15. Club/range use.

Due to the demands of membership for use of the ranges, no member shall be permitted to monopolize any range without permitting other members use thereof. When someone is waiting to use a range, if sharing of the range is not possible or practical, no user may retain control of the range for more than twenty (20) minutes before permitting other members access to that range. To gain access to the club, use your key card at the card reader. To exit the club pull up to the gate and wait for it to open, pull through then wait for the gate to close. If you have used the clubroom or the indoor range, be sure the lights are off, the fan in the range is off, windows closed, and during the winter, the heat turned as low as possible. Any member, who provides any non-member with the combination to the locks, is subject to discipline, including expulsion. This does not include maintenance personnel, who must have access to provide needed services. No vehicles are permitted off the drives or parking areas, except as authorized for club activities. Except as authorized by the board, no unlicensed vehicles are permitted on club property (vehicles shall include: ATV’s, motorcycles, bicycles, snowmobiles, etc.). Committee chairmen and their designated representatives are authorized to use vehicles for official purposes.

Adopted this 1st day of April, 2019.

_____R. G. Montgomery______


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